What’s New, What’s Next for Informing Consent


The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity, and thank you to everyone who has liked and shared our videos! We wanted to take a breath this week, talk a little bit about what we’ve done so far, and give you a sneak peak into what we’re doing next!

So far we’ve published eight short videos, covering a variety of surgeries that folks in the trans communities may be interested in. In our series on Facial Feminization we’ve created an introduction, a video dedicated to forehead contouring and a video dedicated to hairline advancement. The FTM top surgery series currently covers the double incision procedure and the periareolar technique. The phalloplasty series contains a video on choosing your donor site, as well as the incredibly popular video on sensation and nerve hook ups (please be aware, this one address medical and physical aspects of sex, and viewer discretion is advised).

October will be a busy month for all of us here at Informing Consent. We are wildly excited to offer Spanish translations of the video captions for our videos starting next month, and we’ll share out as each one is updated. We’re also publishing videos about name and gender marker changes on identity documents like driver’s licenses and passports, as well as navigating the court system. Finally, we’re launching a more comprehensive social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter. We know it’s been pretty quiet on our pages, unless we’re announcing a new video, and we’re planning to bring you more curated content and news impacting the trans communities.

All of this in addition to videos about facial feminization and top surgery coming up in October, and more procedures being filmed each month- Stay tuned!