Facial Feminization Surgery: Forehead Contouring


Please note: this week’s video contains animated diagrams of invasive surgical procedures. These animations may be hard to watch for some viewers. Discretion is advised.

Our first post gave you an introduction to facial feminization surgery. As you may recall, this surgery is not a single procedure, but a collection of procedures, any of which a patient may opt in or out of depending on their needs and desires. This week, we hear Dr. Thomas Satterwhite discuss one of these procedures: forehead contouring.

With forehead contouring, the surgeon addresses two primary areas: the frontal sinus, which is the bone directly above the bridge of the nose, and the supraorbital ridge, which is comprised of the bony structures underneath the eyebrows. Depending on how pronounced these bones are, and whether they are solid or contain air spaces, the surgeon may use one of several different approaches. “The best way of deciding what is the right approach for you is by starting out by getting an X-ray,” says Dr. Satterwhite. He goes on to detail some of the most common approaches to surgically feminize this area of the face.

In a few weeks, Dr. Satterwhite will be telling us about one more procedure that’s commonly performed during FFS on the upper portion of the face, and that is the brow lift. Keep an eye out for that post very soon!

Facial Feminization Surgery: Hairline Advancement


Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is not a single procedure, but a bundle of many different procedures. As we discussed about in the first post of this series, Facial Feminization Surgery: An Introduction, there is no one way to decide on what (if any) surgical options are right for you. Each patient must decide which individual procedures they want to undergo, based on their personal preferences and priorities, and what their facial structure is prior to surgery.

In an earlier post, Dr. Thomas Satterwhite told us that the individual FFS procedures are often grouped into three categories: the upper face, the middle face, and the lower face. This week, we’re talking with Dr. Satterwhite about hairline advancement, one of the procedures that helps to feminize the upper part of the face.

“A more masculine hairline is going to be square, and you’re going to have what’s called temporal recession,” explains Dr. Satterwhite. He goes on to discuss various techniques that are typically used to surgically create a rounded hairline, which is often read as feminine. Which technique is used depends on the amount of hairline recession and hair loss a patient has, as well as whether the patient has had any previous surgeries in the forehead area.

In the coming weeks, we’ll bring you information on two other procedures that help to feminize the upper face: forehead contouring and the brow lift. Stay tuned!

Note: this video is captioned in English. To access the captions, click the CC in the bottom left of the video frame.